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Publicity Committee

Publicity/Media Committee

Biewer Terrier Babies Make room for Daddy Biewer Terrier Trio Biewer Terrier Club of America Representative Lounging Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier Babies

Beautiful Biewer Terrier Babies. Whether you have two or ten together, they are always happy and loving towards each other....

I think someone is trying to get on the couch.

Although I am taking up all the room right now, I will move over....

Biewer Terrier Trio

The Biewer Terrier is a very loving, obedient breed....

Biewer Terrier

This is a near perfect example of the Biewer Terrier. Long soft, silky hair, a beautiful tri colored face with good symmetry, and great conformation....

Lounging Biewer Terrier

I can not think of anything better, than lounging with my Biewer Terrier ....

Life is wondeerful Beautiful Biewer Terrier Relaxing Precious Biewer Terrier Biewer Terriers Enjoying the Fall
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"Biewer Terrier Info"

All about the Biewer Terrier. Whether you are a breeder or a pet owner, you will find some very interesting and helpful articles as you read about this delightful, enchanting breed.

"About the BTCA"

Here you will find a host of material about the BTCA, Inc., including membership enrollment, history, By-Laws and Constitution, plus information in general on club activities.

"BTCA Resources"

Here you will find resources the BTCA finds helpful.  Information about membership, registrations, committees, available puppies, Rescue, AKC, etc....

Publicity Committee Mission Statement

Publicize the Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. in a positive and uplifting manner. Promoting a better understanding of the BTCA, Inc. and the Biewer Terrier through a variety of public outreach efforts and marketing. Oversee the production of publications for newsletters and magazines.

Publicity Committee Policy:

Provide a direction to committee members in acquiring and publicizing information about the BTCA, Inc. and Biewer Terrier. Assist with the formatting, scheduling, marketing and distribution of these publications.

Publicity Committee Duties

  • Research and implement responsibilities and duties of a Publicity Committee.
  • Write articles for magazines and newsletters and submit to board for approval.
  • Seek information for publications.
  • Make sure online sites have current information about the club and breed.
  • Assist the BTCA, Inc. members in writing and submitting ads in magazines and online publications.
    1. Membership ads will not be done in conjunction with club ads.
    2. Plan ads well in advance to publication date.
    3. Make a template and submit to contributors for approval.

***Mars testing can now be done with a cheek swab through the Wisdom Panel website. The "Cheek Swab Kit 4.0" is the only acceptable test for the Biewer Terrier***

For information on registering with BTRA, email

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