Screening Breeders

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Screening Breeders

Biewer Terrier Babies Make room for Daddy Biewer Terrier Trio Biewer Terrier Club of America Representative Lounging Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier Babies

Beautiful Biewer Terrier Babies. Whether you have two or ten together, they are always happy and loving towards each other....

I think someone is trying to get on the couch.

Although I am taking up all the room right now, I will move over....

Biewer Terrier Trio

The Biewer Terrier is a very loving, obedient breed....

Biewer Terrier

This is a near perfect example of the Biewer Terrier. Long soft, silky hair, a beautiful tri colored face with good symmetry, and great conformation....

Lounging Biewer Terrier

I can not think of anything better, than lounging with my Biewer Terrier ....

Life is wondeerful Beautiful Biewer Terrier Relaxing Precious Biewer Terrier Biewer Terriers Enjoying the Fall
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"Biewer Terrier Info"

Whether you are a breeder or someone in search of a Biewer Terrier, you will find some very interesting and helpful articles as you read about this delightful, enchanting breed.

"About the BTCA"

You will find a host of material about the BTCA, Inc., including membership enrollment, history, By-Laws and Constitution, plus information in general, on its various activities.

"BTCA Members"

Here you will find a complete list of our members along with their contact information.  If you are interested in joining the BTCA, the instructions will be provided on this page.

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Great News! The AKC Board is now allowing All-Breed and FSS Parent Clubs to Host FSS Open Shows. All-breed clubs will be able to host FSS Open Shows, and FSS breed Parent Clubs can hold an FSS Open Show for all FSS (including Miscellaneous Class) breeds. ADDITIONALLY,  your dogs will earn points towards a "Certificate of Merit", which is equivalent to the "Championship Title". This title "CM" will be denoted on your registration. Visit the What's New page for the full details on all changes and vital links to forms, applications and information.

Current News

Wisdom Panel Test Results Explained

We have provided a detailed explanation of the acceptable results for the Wisdom Panel 4.0 test.  The new 4.0 has 6 individual tests in which to evaluate the dog, giving us more information to make a better analysis of whether we have a purebred or not. Please visit our "Mars Test Results Explained Page" for a detailed explanation.

Recent Events

Brisa is our Biewer Terrier representative

The BTCA, Inc., Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. has been named the parent club for the Biewer Terrier by the AKC. As the Biewer Terrier is gaining recognition World Wide as a breed of its own, the BTCA continues to assist those countries needing help in obtaining recognition with their respective kennel clubs. You can register your purebred Biewer Terrier with AKC/FSS, UKC and BTRA in the United States. We are looking forward to developing a strong, healthy foundation for the Biewer Terrier. For more information, visit our registry page.

About the Biewer Terrier

Questions to Ask a Breeder What did you say?

Is the Biewer Terrier right for you?

The following questions are an aide to help you determine if a breeder is a responsible, dedicated, knowledgeable custodian of the breed or someone who just produces puppies for profit; without a care for the betterment of the breed. A breeder’s objective should be to produce puppies that conform to the BTCA standard; whether for show or pet. The breeder should be able to supply you with a litter registration, shot record, and a veterinary wellness report, upon your request, as you search for a happy, healthy, well-adjusted Biewer Terrier puppy. The breeder you select should be a person that is knowledgeable about all aspects of Biewer Terrier and a person you can trust to be there to mentor you throughout the life of your dog.

The following questions are provided to assist you in determining whether or not you should purchase a puppy from a particular breeder. They are intended to help you start your conversations with breeders so that you may acquire all the information you need about their breeding practices. By selecting a reputable breeder, you maximize your chances of receiving the happiest, healthiest, puppy possible. All breeds have individual traits, specific to that breed. Your breeder will be able to guide you through these areas that may need special attention.

Important Point: A responsible breeder will never sell their puppies to pet stores or commercial brokers. Biewer Terrier puppies sold in pet stores are produced strictly for profit, without regard for the betterment of the breed. They often have underlying problems and illnesses that will cost you a fortune in medical bills. Puppies found in pet stores usually cost more and you lose the luxury of having a mentor for your puppy.

1)   How long have you been breeding Biewer Terriers?
2)   Do you have a contract?
3)   Do you have a waiting list?
4)   How much does your puppy cost?
5)   Do you show your dogs and where?
6)   Can you provide me with references?
7)   What are your spay or neuter requirements?
8)   Questions for the breeder to ask of the buyer?
9)   Do you health test your breeding Biewer Terriers?
10) Do you belong to any clubs? Why did you choose that club?
11) How long do you keep your puppies with their mom before weaning?
12) What specific health concerns have you found in your dogs and the breed?

1) How long have you been breeding Biewer Terriers? A person who begins breeding Biewer Terriers immediately after acquiring their first dogs may not have the background knowledge to evaluate dogs, or pedigrees for health and temperament issues and may lack the experience needed to provide accurate on-going advice to puppy buyers.

2) Do you have a contract?  Most breeders sell their puppies with a written contract.  A contract will protect both of the parties involved; the puppy buyer and seller.  A breeder’s contract will contain health guarantees, spay or neuter requirements, and include a provision to take the puppy back at any time during its life if you can no longer care for it.  Biewer Terriers are registered with BTRA (Biewer Terrier Registry of America), the AKC/FSS and UKC (United Kennel Club).

3) Do you have a waiting list?  Many times, breeders will begin looking for good homes for their puppies as soon as they decide to produce a litter.  If a person makes an inquiry to the breeder about a Biewer Terrier puppy, their name will be added to the list.  A breeder who does not have a waiting list, or who waits until the last minute to begin looking for homes, may not be putting enough time and effort into selecting good homes.

4) How much does your puppy cost?  The prices Biewer Terrier breeders charge for a puppy varies from breeder to breeder and area to area.  Veterinary bills in some parts of the country are significantly higher than others and may contribute to the higher cost of a puppy.  A breeder may also include the costs of travel and showing, in promotion of the breed, and the regular cost of maintenance.

5) Do you show your dogs and where?  Breeders who show have the opportunity to compare their Biewer Terriers with other Biewer Terriers.  They are more likely to be up to date with important health information, and more apt to be serious, life-long students of the breed.

6) Can you provide me with references?  A responsible breeder will have a long list of puppy buyers and fellow breeders who can vouch for their credibility, sincerity, and knowledge.  They will not hesitate to provide you with references and will encourage you to contact them; you can always check with other club members.  Follow up on the references you receive—a disreputable person will give names of family and friends, as these people say what you want to hear.  Take the time to call or e-mail every reference you receive.

7) What are your spay or neuter requirements?  A responsible breeder realizes that breeding Biewer Terriers properly takes a great deal of time, effort and experience.  They do not want dogs they’ve produced to be bred indiscriminately, or to end up in the wrong hands.  Requiring puppies to be spayed or neutered indicates that a breeder is conscientious, dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the breed, and concerned about the welfare of each puppy they produce.

8) Questions for the breeder to ask of the buyer? Most breeders, who care about their Biewer Terriers and the breed, will not place a puppy with a person they have never met, or at least corresponded with extensively.  Your breeder should ask you for references.  They should find out if you rent or own your home.  They should invite you to their home, along with the members of your family.  A face-to-face meeting, when possible, helps a breeder determine the best possible match for you and the puppies they produce.  When a personal visit isn’t possible, your breeder should speak with you at length to ensure that you and your puppy will be a good match. A breeder who sells a puppy without references and a thorough screening process should be a “Red Flag”.

9) Do you health test your breeding Biewer Terriers?  The Biewer Terrier is a new breed and we are just learning the different issues that may occur within our breed.  If there are any known issues, a responsible breeder will strive not to produce these problems in their puppies. There are certain tests that can be performed on breeding dogs before each breeding to make sure they are in top health.  Your breeder should supply documented evidence of the health tests they perform when requested.

10) Do you belong to any clubs? Why did you choose that club?  The Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. (BTCA, Inc.), is AKC's club of choice for the breed.  Being a member indicates that a breeder shares the same views and goals of people who are committed to the betterment of the purebred Biewer Terrier.  As members, they are taking an important part in the early establishment and development of the Biewer Terrier.  Importantly they are kept abreast of the developing changes and advancements of the Biewer Terrier.

11) How long do you keep your puppies with their mom before weaning?  Biewer Terrier puppies are not ready to go home with their new owners until they are twelve weeks of age.  Puppies need to spend time interacting with their siblings and mom.  They learn communication skills, discipline, and social skills.  Puppies that are separated from their mom and siblings too soon can develop behavioral problems later in life and can be difficult to house train.

12) What specific health concerns have you found in your dogs and the breed?  A breeder who is concerned about the long-term welfare of their breed will health test for the conditions suspected to be a problem.  Since most small breed dogs have patella problems, a dog’s knee should be evaluated before breeding.  Ask the breeder exactly what testing they do before breeding their dogs.

***Mars testing can now be done with a cheek swab through the Wisdom Panel website. The "Cheek Swab Kit 4.0" is the only acceptable test for the Biewer Terrier***

For information on registering with BTRA, email

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