BTCA Committee Members

The Biewer Terrier Club of America Committees are the heartbeat of the club. They make sure that each aspect of the club is running smoothly and the rules of the AKC are followed and kept up to date.

Agility Events

Our club is licensed by the AKC to hold all-breed agility trials.

  • Agility Chair: Yolando Russel 

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws are the clubs rules and regulations of operation. The bylaws not only outline the officers duties and responsibilities but the way the membership should conduct itself. The bylaws are set up in accordance with the AKC's requirements for all Parent Clubs. We will make sure the bylaws are in compliance with AKC and serve the needs of Biewer Terrier Terrier Club of America, Inc.

Judges Education Committee

Educate Judges on the standard of the Biewer Terrier in a positive and unbiased manner. Provide breed information to all that inquire; Judges, breeders, and owners.

Meet the Breeds and Expos Committee

As the parent club for the Biewer Terrier we will present the Biewer Terrier to the public with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

  • Meet The Breeds Chair: Whitney Aronson
  • Committee Member: Debarah Billings
  • Committee Member: Amy Cox
  • Committee Member: Debbie Haas
  • Committee Member: Victoria Olson
  • Committee Member: Crystal Suchocki
  • Committee Member: Myrna Torres

Specialty Events

To represent the Biewer Terrier Club of America (BTCA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) with integrity and sportsmanship. To organize show events and keep accurate records of wins and titles.

  • Event Coordinator: TBA

Fundraising Committee

To create fundraising opportunities that will benefit the BTCA's ongoing education programs, specialty programs, advertisting, etc.

Membership Committee

To assist anyone interested in becoming a member of the BTCA with their application. Review applications, interview applicants and sponsors and recruit new memberships. After a full investigation, the committee reports it's findings and recommendations to the board.

Newsletter Committee

Report on BTCA, Inc. activities and provide information about issues that may be of interest to the Biewer Terrier community. Post Biewer Terrier pictures, show wins, and developing stories. Post the officers of the BTCA and newly accepted members. Include health and research information, articles from the membership, and AKC updates.

Health & Genetics Committee

To help our Biewer Terriers live long, healthy lives. To provide education that promotes Biewer Terrier health and responsible breeding practices. To encourage health testing and self-reporting of illnesses, to aid in identifying health issues within Biewer Terriers and establish priorities for solving them. To encourage and support research on health problems and to make the latest research results accessible to Biewer Terrier breeders and pet owners.

  • Health & Genetics Chair: Dr. Danny Cox DVM

History Committee

To represent the Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. (BTCA) with honesty and integrity. To thoroughly investigate, gather and document the history of the club and the Biewer Terrier.

Rescue Committee

Our mission is to place these dogs in safe, loving and permanent homes with approved applicants, and to provide a supportive network for our volunteers, who after all, make our goals possible.

Website Committee

To create and maintain a website that provides in-depth, accurate information about Biewer Terriers and the Biewer Terrier Club of America activities. Provide information and updates on health related issues and studies pertinent to the Biewer Terrier.

Intellectual & Compliance Committee

To uphold the integrity and proprietary interests of the Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. in the use of intellectual property and at the request of the President and/or Board the review of any miscellaneous internal compliance issues of club procedures.

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