Biewer Terrier Club of America
Annual Awards

Award Eligibility Dates are from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022

The BTCA Board and Show Committee is proud to announce the following Annual Awards for our members.  This is just the start.   We are willing to add to the list in future years and reconsider the rules for eligibility in future years.  Many of the awards are what most AKC Parent Clubs have and a few of our own!  The rankings are based upon members of BTCA only.  They will run from January 1 to December 31 of each year.   This being started effective January 1, 2022.

Most of the awards are “self-reporting”.  You as a member will need to fill out a form listing your dog and registration number and other information so that the club can confirm and rank accordingly.  The exceptions would be the Top Ten Dogs and Bitches in Breed and All Breed, Grand Champion, and Owner Handler.   The BTCA rankings will be different from time to time from the other rankings you may see published.   That is because we rank Dogs and Bitches in their own categories and members only.

The other reports will need certain forms filled out and sent to the BTCA Secretary.  We will have those forms posted on our website soon. They are due to be received by the BTCA Secretary by 2/1 of the subsequent year to be considered.

The Annual Awards and Basic Eligibility
(only BTCA members are used in the rankings) are:

Top 10 Dogs & Bitches- Breed & All Breed - (rankings are for one full calendar year example 01/01 – 12/31)

Top 10 Owner Handled (rankings are for one full calendar year example 01/01 – 12/31)

Top Sire & Dam - awarded to any sire and dam who produced the most titled offspring during the current calendar year. Form required.

Breeder of the year - awarded to the breeder of the most titled dogs during the current calendar year. Form required.

Exhibitors of the year - owners of the most titled dogs during the current calendar year.  Form required.

Owner Handler of the year - owner handled the most titled dogs during the calendar year.  10 of the 15 points received must be with the owner handling.  This is challenging to track who is handling so we are on the honor system.  Form required.

Additional Breeding and Show Awards:

Register of Merit (ROM) - To qualify for this Award: Sires – 6 Titled Offspring Dams – 4 Titled Offspring.  Form required.

Register of Merit Excellent (ROMX) - To qualify for this award: Sires – 15 Titled Offspring Dams – 6 Titled Offspring.  Form required.

Register of Merit Supreme (ROMS) - To qualify for this award: Sires – 25 Titled Offspring Dams – 10 Titled Offspring.  Form required.

Gold Club, (GC) - To qualify for this Award a Biewer must:

  • Win 100 Best of Breeds and/or Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed, or
  • Bitches must win 50 Best of Breed and/or Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed, o
  • Win back-to-back Group 1’s or
  • Win back-to-back High In Trials, or
  • Acquire an Obedience Championship (OTCH), or Utility Dog Excellent (UDX), or Champion Tracker (CT), or
  • Master Agility Champion (MACH) title, or
  • Acquire a combination of 3 different titles, one conformation CH title and one title from conformation and two from obedience, agility, tracking and rally.


Hall of Fame (HOF) To qualify for this Award a Biewer must: 

  • Win an all-breed Best In Show, or
  • Win an all-breed High In Trial, or
  • Acquire a conformation championship (Ch.) and a Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title, or
  • Acquire an Agility Excellent (AX) or Utility Dog (UD) title, or Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title or
  • Earn a perfect 200 score in obedience competition

Versatility Award

We will have a very unique Versatility Award.   The BTCA Versatility Award is to award the handler and their Biewer Terrier for achieving titles in activities within various categories. This includes both Conformation, Agility, Performance, Trick Dog, Scent Work, etc.

VA – Versatility Award

VAX – Versatility Award Excellent

The Versatility Award (VA) is awarded to the dog and handler team earning a minimum of 10 points in at least 3 categories.  The Versatility Award Excellent (VAX) is awarded to the dog and handler team earning a minimum of 15 points in at least 4 categories. Earning the VA is a prerequisite to earning this award.

How to Obtain the VA/VAX Titles:

The owner is responsible and must apply for the title by completing the BTCA Versatility Award application which can be found on the BTCA website. (Coming soon). These awards will only be given when applied for and accompanied by supporting documentation. The owner must be a current member of BTCA and a BTCA member when the titles were earned.  This may sound confusing.  It’s not!  When the form and full rules are posted you will see while you are filling out the form, it is pretty easy to figure out.   So if you have a Biewer Terrier showing or participating in various venues, check it out!

New Annual Awards for 2022

Good Sportsmanship Award

AKC has a Good Sportsman Award and will acknowledge the BTCA Good Sportsman Award recipients with a medallion signifying the award from the AKC, and the BTCA. The name of the recipient for each year will be posted on the AKC website.

The Biewer Terrier Club of America Good Sportsman Award has been initiated for 2022 and is considered a prestigious award that can be bestowed on any member of the BTCA.  This award will be presented as an annual award.

YOU, the MEMBERSHIP, will decide who wins the AKC Good Sportsman Award!  We will have a form that you will fill out with the name of a BTCA member that you feel exemplifies the Good Sportsman Award with a brief write-up on why you feel they deserve this award.  The BTCA member with the most email votes will win.  The award is kept confidential until the time of the annual awards.  DEADLINE is February 1st, 2023.

Things to consider as criteria:

  1. Member in good standing with BTCA and AKC.
  2. Exhibits good sportsmanship and ethics at all times, both in the show ring and in all matters pertaining to the BTCA.
  3. Attend and/or participate in as many club activities as possible; carry out all assignments; willing and able to take on extra work or assist other club members when needed.
  4. Demonstrate a cooperative attitude toward our club members at all times.
  5. Be considerate, especially of guests and prospective new club members.

The Chairperson of the committee is Ann Moore Schultz. Each year the recipient of the award will join Ann on the committee until there are 3 recipients, and then Ann will drop off the committee.


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