BTCA, Inc. Code of Ethics

  • Members must be professional and courteous at all times. Not only do you represent the BTCA, but all dog lovers.
  • Establish a reputation of trust and honor among fellow club members and all interested parties.
  • The BTCA members will work to the betterment of this breed and this club, as well as encourage others to do so.
  • Be polite and honest when representing your dog, whether in the show ring, for sale or breeding.
  • Meetings will be held at the time of the dog shows or special club events.
  • Members must do their best to show dogs that meet the Biewer Terrier Standard.
  • Maintain the best possible standards of health and quality of life for your dogs.
  • Breed dogs and bitches that are free of serious congenital and hereditary defects.
  • Keep up to date on the health and genetic issues of the breed.
  • Work to control and/or eradicate inherited problems and conditions that are particular to the Biewer Terrier breed and breed as closely as possible to the standard of the breed.
  • Encourage and promote responsible breeding practices.
  • Encourage that both male and female breeding dogs have DNA profiles and be screened for hereditary diseases.
  • Encourage spaying or neutering of animals not desirable for breeding.
  • Cannot duel register BTRA dogs with any outside registries not affiliated with the Biewer Terrier Registry of America or AKC.Exception; Dog show Venues.
  • Never knowingly sell to a commercial dog breeder, wholesaler, retail dealers or their agents.
  • A member will not breed before the dogs are physically mature and are in good health.
  • Our members will regard this Code of Ethics as a minimum standard of ethical behavior. The BTCA members will accept no less in those that they are doing business with.
  • Always remember that the gifts you have, were given you from God, so be as generous when people are seeking knowledge and advice about our breed.
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