April 21, 2020
From the President’s Desk

Generally, when a breed moves into the Miscellaneous class it takes 1 to 3 years for its move up to full recognition. Rarely will you have a breed move up in 6 months, this is awesome for our breed. Along with this move is the closing of the stud books, this is not immediate and time is given by AKC to get all the dogs registered that need to have the proper paperwork. At the time that we moved into Miscellaneous, an announcement was sent out to all domestic Biewer Terrier owners/breeders that did not have BTRA registrations to apply for registrations in order to be able to apply for AKC registrations.

The time has passed very quickly and now we are on a time table to get this accomplished. On January 01, 2023, BTRA will be closing its books. This timeline will give those wishing to register their dogs with AKC just over 2 ½ years to get this accomplished.

We are urging all of those that would like to have AKC registrations to not tarry and get your paperwork in as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Myrna Torres


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