Training Your Biewer Terrier

Intelligent, loyal, and very devoted to their human family. They have a fun-loving, childlike attitude that makes them a great companion for all ages. They quickly make friends with animals of any origin. 
 ~Biewer Terrier Standard- BTCA

This is a wonderful toy breed with many wonderful qualities.  The Biewer Terrier temperament described above is great, but when considering training your Biewer Terrier, there is more to think about.  They are fun-loving, but also smarter than you think.  TERRIER is in their name.  Being a terrier, they love to “hunt”, and can be a teeny bit stubborn.  They are also usually incredibly athletic.  Being small, many people might treat them like a baby, but they are way beyond that, and probably already might have you wrapped tightly around their little paws.  So you must keep them safe and encourage them while they explore their environment.

When Do I Start Training My Biewer Terrier Puppy?

Training should start immediately after you get your Biewer Terrier.  If it is a young pup, do not start out of the house activities until they have had their immunizations.  Consult your veterinarian if you have questions.  You will begin calling your pup by name (training that leads to coming when called), probably crate training, and walking on a leash.  These are very important skills for every dog to have.  Make training fun and only give positive reinforcement.  Positive reinforcement is treats, but also includes loving, being silly, praising, etc.

Biewers love to solve problems.  Play games with your pup that make it use its brain.  They enjoy learning new things.  Enriching their environment also helps; add toys, hide them, throw/chase balls, let them explore.  Learning is fun!

Puppy Obedience Class

When they are old enough, take them to puppy/obedience class.  This will teach them to deal with other people and dogs (socialization), as well as learn their “lessons”.  Who knows?  You and your dog may enjoy these activities, and it may even lead to competitions.

Whatever path you and your Biewer follow, if you train your pup, your Biewer will be well rounded and well behaved, and a joy to live with!

Written by Joni Weed

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