Wisdom Panel Breed Detection & Health Testing

WISDOM PANEL Health is the world’s leading DNA test for dogs. With screening for 150+ genetic health conditions as well as most breeds of any canine DNA test on the market. We recommend doing the health testing when you do your breed detection as you receive a substantial discount when you do them together. If you did the breed detection before they offered the health testing, contact them if you would like to do the health test and you may not have to re-submit a swab and you will still get the discount.

Your dog’s customized online report will feature:

  • Extensive genetic health screening for 150+ conditions covering 16 major body systems.
  • Easy sharing of results with your veterinarian, directly from the report.
  • Breed detection for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties are broken down into a pie chart for percentages and into a family tree going back three generations.
  • Extensive information about each breed and breed group found.
  • A predicted weight profile
  • A genetic trait analysis
  • A unique discount code to share with friends and family!

PRA testing is not included in the standard Health Test. To get the needed test for Biewer Terriers you will have to use the information sheet for "add on testing". This allows you to request our Biewer Terriers' PRCD-PRA, with a separate fee of $25.00. You do not need to send in additional swabs. Please let the Health Committee know if anyone has any problems getting the test done. The specific PRCD-PRA testing for Biewers is indeed not included in the base panel so other breeds who do not need it, are not paying the licensing fee for it which is a high cost single test.

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